The Gargoyle Knights, #2

The Gargoyle’s Gift

The fates have a made a new match … whether the couple likes it or not.

Fated mates, against all odds.

When one patient keeps reappearing in my infirmary I can’t help but wonder what he’s up to. He’s a man of few words–unless he’s arguing with me. His injuries don’t make any sense considering he was removed from his military post, and even his sword has required repairs.

Unable to resist my curiosity, I follow him one night and end up an unintentional accomplice in a revenge plot. His tactics are questionable, though his intentions seem noble enough. And I’ve seen too much to just ignore him.

He begrudgingly accepts I’m not going to let him sort things out alone, and the more time we spend together, the more friendly we become. Everything between us changes after he does something truly unpredictable, however, and my chest burns with a freshly woken mate bond.

Everything about our pairing is unexpected and potentially disastrous. Ignoring what the fates have offered might lead us both to madness—which he actually might prefer. I don’t care to be told what I can or cannot do, but I also won’t tie someone to a bond they don’t want.

Will we be able to find some common ground or will our bond remain unfulfilled?

The Gargoyle’s Gift is a fated mates romance featuring a grumpy former general, a sunshine healer, magic, monsters and a guaranteed happily ever after. It is a 37k novella connected to The Demon Princes Series. It is recommended to read The Demon Princes & Gargoyle Knights books in publication order for best reader experience.

Content Warnings: explicit violence, gore & death, mention of injuries, explicit sexual content, political intrigue, mention of drugging, memory loss

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