The Gargoyle’s Grace

Fate has put plenty of challenges in my path … I just never expected finding a soul mate would be one of them.

A love match that should never work.

Working for a demon prince at a prestigious magic school wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do. My generous employer more than provides for my needs and even includes a little extra for my aging parents.

But some problems belong to me alone, including paying off a loan my father has owed on for decades. Payments are only becoming more difficult to pull together, and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, desperate to avoid the looming shadows of my personal issues closing in on me.

When my employer’s gargoyle best friend finds out I’m in trouble, he tries to insert himself in my business. He’s infuriating, always in my way, and the more time we spend together, the more we fight. Though admittedly, sometimes our bickering feels like flirting.

My confused emotions leave me stuck between a man who turns to stone and a hard place. I want to run from him … but I might also want to be caught.


The Gargoyle’s Grace is a soul mates romance featuring a cinnamon roll hero made of stone, a feisty human heroine, magic, monsters and a guaranteed happily ever after. It is a 30k novella connected to The Demon Princes Series and it is strongly recommended that you read The Demon’s Deal first.