Hollywood Connections, #1

Winter Bloom

Best friends. One week. A road-trip that could change everything.

Phae is ready to hit the road and find herself somewhere along the highway. There’s a new life waiting for her in Santa Barbara and she’d love to be there by Christmas. Her original plan was to make the drive solo, but her best friend Daniel has other plans.

Daniel has been totally captivated by his friend Phae since they first met. When he hears that she’s planning to drive cross-country alone, he can’t help but invite himself along. She’d never stop to smell any of the metaphorical roses without a nudge from him, and distance is about to be a big issue.

Stuck in close-quarters, they are confronted with the notion that they might be meant for more than just friendship. Will their bond survive all the big life changes happening at once or will their relationship become a casualty of the move?

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