Hollywood Connections, #2

Spring Breeze

Her fiancé left her at the altar. Now, his best friend is her boss.

Addison‘s life turned upside down when her fiancé took off minutes before their wedding. His best man Dennis was left as the messenger, and she thought it would be the last she saw of him, too.

She has to find a new place to live, new friends, a new job and if her best friend has any say, a new man. When Dennis suddenly fits at least two of those categories, he’s not so off-limits anymore.

Dennis’ life centers around work, but he’s running on fumes. Reluctantly, he agrees to hire an assistant but it’s proving to be more hassle than help.

When Addison walks through the doors, he knows he’s in trouble. Not only is she overqualified, she’s nearly perfect in every way.

He refuses to mix business and pleasure. She needs to live a little. He’s come to her rescue more than once and she’s the breath of fresh air he’s needed for years.
Can they find a balance between their personal connection and their work relationship before everything falls apart?

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