Image Series, #3

Image Destroyer

Rehab: it’s where you go to lose an addiction, not find one.

Olivia’s days on the outside of a jail cell-are numbered if she doesn’t go to rehab. She’ll put on a smile through all the therapy while she works on a way to get out early, but she doesn’t intend to like it. Not even when she’s paired up with a fling from her past who can’t remember what happened between them.

For former child-star Ollie, his reputation preceding him is nearly never a good thing. He’s motivated to do anything he has to in order to leave the old, problematic version of himself behind–even self-commit to rehab. The last thing he expected was to get paired up with new patient Olivia. He recognizes her… but he can’t quite put his finger on why.

Their tumultuous friendship quickly begins to morph into something completely unexpected. What happens when the truth about their past is revealed and their relationship is tested by the weight of all their bad decisions?

(Image Destroyer is Book 3 and the final full-length story in the Image Series. It can be read as a standalone and is written in 3rd person.)

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